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The Belly Bloat Solution in 21 day book by Amy Lewis free download (.pdf). I have a flat stomach! Do I really have? Well, not that really flat to the point that I have abs on my stomach. A flat stomach that I can confidently wear fitted shirts not worrying about how will I hide my belly bloat. Thanks to my diet routine I can proudly walk around with fitted shirts! Let’s get straight to the point, I will be sharing you my diet routine on how to have or maintain a flat stomach that you are dreaming of. Ready? 1. First, drink 1 to 2 glass of water before every meal. In that way you’re stomach will become slightly full even if you’re not yet eating. This will lessen your food intake in every meal. 2. Second, drink green tea with brown rice. If you’re not totally into drinking a cup of tea try this with your water. What I usually do is I put the tea bag at my cold bottled water then I let it absorb the tea. And then it’s done, that’s what I drink everyday. I recently discovered this kind of way to drink tea when I was at my Korean classmate’s house before. Well, I did a little research about green tea and brown rice and I found out that green tea boosts alertness and could thwart disease while brown rice on the other hand can reduce the risk of heart disease, prevents constipation and aid in weight loss. 3. Third, do not eat when you’re bored. The truth is you are not actually hungry, you’re just bored and you just want something to do. You just find that eating can remove your boredom. Okay, I’m the number one guilty here, I usually eat when we have free time especially when I’m with my friends at school. This is a totally wrong move! When you are bored, you often pick foods that your eyes are up to, sometimes foods that are unhealthy like junkfoods or sodas. 4. Fourth, eat bananas! I just found this out on one of the articles I have read last month. The article says that this is a Japanese kind of diet. Many other idols have also tried this one including me. Eat bananas every breakfast! 5. Fifth, walk. Take time to walk. Don’t use elevators when you’re at school or even at your working place if you have to. This is my only way of exercising. To tell you honestly, I’m not a fan of exercising or even working out ’cause I’m really lazy to do so. 6. Sixth, eating slowly. Hey, are you on a date or something? Take it slow, don’t it too fast. Eat with your friends or companions and talk about random topics. While chit-chatting you will forget about eating. I do this all the time whenever I am with my friends and they usually nag at me saying, “Hey! Hurry up!” Haha. 7. Seventh, eat using small plate. Eating using a not so big plate will prevent you from getting too much food during meal time. Eating in a small plate helps you think, “Oh! It’s full already! This is enough.” It makes you think that the food you have put in your plate is quite a few. Quite effective though! That would be all guys! See? Super-duper simple! Try some of these and wait for the results. Change your habits and get started now. Have a flat stomach everyone! I’m looking forward to get some other tips on how to flatten our belly from you guys aside from what I have written. It would be awesome if you leave a comment and share what’s your thoughts after reading this.