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The 15 Minute Manifestation Program by Eddie Sergey PDF & MP3 files download. Feel free to share this system with your friends on Facebook! Yes, I’m “retiring” at the age of 33. After working nonstop since 2005 with a career that spanned real estate, telecommunications, retail, beauty and finance industries within the country’s top corporations, I am taking a halt to move with my husband in our new adventure at the Middle East. Two months ago, I applied for an early retirement package from my present company, and was fortunately granted. My tenure is on a ticking clock now, and I’m preparing a true-to-form detailed business continuity checklist for my replacement’s on-boarding. I have a few months to prepare for our move, travel with my husband, and finally settle into our new life. For now, I can’t hide the fact that I’m bursting with excitement for our transition. Personally, I’m curious to see myself slow down. From an ambitious go-getter, I’ve evolved throughout my corporate life and have come to terms with how far I want to go, and how much I’m willing to sacrifice to get there. As you can guess, I’m choosing to take a pause and re-calibrate my priorities. I have seen and experienced a lot in the 12 corporate years and I’m ready to take stock of it all and determine the path I’ll pursue once we live a new life in a new country.