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0-6 Pack Abs eBook by Tyler Bramlett free PDF download. Many people ask me (mostly woman) how to get rid of the belly fat around the lower abs and you know what the best way to build the lower abs are heavy squats and dead lifts. Strength training is the holy grail of fitness and anti aging add a balanced diet and your on your way to being a true human. Not quite where I want my body to be, but I'm working on getting there. I only wish that I would have spent more time on training my abs in high school, cuz they are so hard to define right now!!!! Early morning cardio and abs done. Being on the road whilst dieting/prepping is surprisingly hard especially when you are used to the comforts of home. No fridge in the hotel room, no real way of prepping meals. Keeping on track as best I can, whilst enjoying a cheat meal here and there, just trying to have a awesome time and be in the best possible shape. I'm making sure I'm hitting lots of cardio, training has been on another level! my boy Tyler seriously putting me through some gruelling workouts. Plans for today, whole foods, shopping malls, train then chill around the pool.