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We’ll never furnish you with a ‘one-stop’ solution, but instead continually work with you to create a fluid, dynamic SEO strategy that really works.


How We Work

We do not believe in tying clients into long term contracts. Similarly, we believe that we MUST deliver in order to maintain your business. London Email Marketing - Pay As You Go SEO operates on a very simple basis.


No contracts, no long term commitments – no catch.


Every client of ours is on a 1 month rolling agreement, if we do not deliver, you don’t have to continue paying.
Depending on the budget available, the intensity of this work will vary, but the quality never will.


On-Page SEO

Our team of experts can deliver a fully technically optimised website. Our architectural planning and development can ensure that your content is fresh, original and unique just the sort of quality content to grab the attention of both the search engines and, more importantly, your human visitors. This gives you a comprehensive package that is guaranteed to deliver results and a great ROI.


Back Link Building

Our in-house development team can assess your business market and help you build effective one way do follow backlinks offering the highest return on the effort invested. By creating read worthy material and establishing you as a worthwhile link partner, we can ensure that your link building is an organic process that fulfils maximum potential and creates the juiciest links.



PPC, when used effectively, can be the fast-track to a high page ranking. Our PPC experts can assess which keywords work for you and design a PPC campaign that offers considerable ROI and prolonged online success.


"We work with clients of all sizes" - From SME’s to large corporates, We have the perfect solution for you.


"Transparency" - We believe in complete and transparent reporting. Every change is logged, every link is reported.


"Technical Optimisation" - We don’t just tell you what needs to be done, our team of developers implement changes for our clients.


"White Hat" - No Black Hat techniques here, just top notch ethical Search Engine Optimisation from L-E-M experts.


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