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Limitations of summary statistics in understanding complex problems

Limitations of summary statistics in understanding complex problems | Pandemic Safe Buildings |
If annual averages were the only information we considered, 79 AD in Pompeii was a slightly warmer year than usual—hardly a situation worthy of serious concern. As you can see with this example, averages, when assessing outlier risks, often make very bad metrics.
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More about how average values can be misleading, and so getting more granular can help us understand covid-19, climate change, and more.

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Pandemic Safe Buildings
News about keeping buildings safe -- for facilities executives, architects, risk officers, safety officers, civil engineers, retrofitters, public health officials, safety equipment vendors, building owners, and more.  Our focus is on _evidence-based_ advanced technology and models that help decision makers to understand the cost and safety impact of safety choices.  Our holy grail is a list of the optimal decisions for every individual building, given the current knowledge about the pandemic.  In the past, we've kept buildings safe from dangers like fire, flood, and mold.  Now it's time to add pathogen safety to the list.  This page tracks the latest news. Sign up here to join the pandemic safe buildings community.  Click here to subscribe:
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