In her Institute for the Future talk broadcast on national television, Dr. Lorien Pratt shows her prototype immersive visualization DI tool and offers new insights on Decision Intelligence. | Pandemic Safe Buildings |

You have a new superpower. Your choices have ripple effects throughout the world, and you have no idea what those impacts will be. Part of the future of DI is to understand that there are systematic patterns to those impacts.  


Dr. Pratt demos an immersive visualization tool that lets us see these patterns and interactions, make changes, and see immediately how these changes lead to different outcomes.  


I think there are a lot of people who feel overwhelmed by information. The executives I talk with say this in particular, “I don’t want to talk with these quants; I can’t understand a word that they say.” If they have interfaces like this [visualization tool], they will engage with the evidence, the data, and the AI I think that the biggest initial impact will be in our sense of agency, that we will balance out the inequity that comes when technologists dominateand send us things and make us click things and make us do things, and we start to use this for our own needs ….[greater] equalityWe democratized the computer, didn’t we? Let’s democratize AI [other] complex [technologies, too].