Syrian opposition group elects new leaders | Palestinians Gaza |

As the violence of total war continues, with an estimated 200 people being killed in Syria every day, the Syrian Nation Council reports the election of new leaders in attempt to conform with US ideals. Fearing loss of US and allied support, the SNC plans to further organize their opposition with this move, while so attempting to reach out to more demographic groups. This would be in accordance with US ideals; however, there are some within the SNC who see Riad Seif’s plan as undermining the SNC with American assistance. This is further evidence to suggest the group is still too far apart to attempt this type of move by the United States. Again, the United States intervention must avoid the previous mistakes made in other occupational mobilization campaigns, dating back to the 1950’s. Replacement of al-Assad cannot result in control by an extremist fundamentalist group in the vacuum of power that will ensue.

Via Benjamin DeRita