Declutter your home before the big furniture removal takes place | Furniture Removals services in Ipswich, Brisbane, Sunshine coast, Gold coast and across the Australia |

There is no better time to get rid of all those unused and unwanted items around the home, than when you are about to move furniture out of your current house.

Start with one room at a time – let's start with the lounge room. Imagine the kind of lounge you would love to have, the lounge you would be proud to entertain friends in, a lounge you and your family could enjoy spending quality time in during the evenings. When you have this picture in your mind – look around the room and take everything that doesn't fit into this perfect picture you have of your lounge and move it out. These items must then either be put in the room they are supposed to be in; returned to the person you borrowed them from; given to a charity or thrown away. Be strong – be strict. You want furniture removalists to just move furniture you actually want.