Creating a Virtuous Cycle of Engagement For Millennials - frogloop | Organization Management |

While members of the Millennial Generation, now the largest generation in our nation’s history, are widely known for a desire to give back to their communities or be part of large social change movements – the way Millennials define their engagement tends to be very different from the way organizations do. 

When you ask a Millennial, “Do you support a nonprofit or social cause?” The resounding answer is, “Yes!” When you follow that up by asking, “How do you support that organization?” You’re likely to hear answers like, I signed a petition, changed my avatar on Twitter, or liked them on Facebook.

Now, ask an organization if Millennials are supporting their cause, and they say, “No, we just can’t figure out how to reach them.”  There in lies the disconnect between Millennials who believe they are supporting activism versus what organizations see as truly engaged participation.