The Dolphin Boat Seabreacher can dive, jump and spin 360 degrees | OnlineCuration |

Just like a real dolphin, this motorboat that can travel on the water surface as well as below water surface and can dive, jump and spin over 360 degrees. The dolphin-like Seabreacher is built by a Californian-based company -- Innespace Productions -- and its price tag ranges from US $ 65,000 to US $ 85,000. It comes with Rotax 1500 cc 4 stroke engines in 175 hp and 155 hp standard variants and 215 hp supercharge variant. This water-proof boat is 16 ft in length and 3 ft wide and weighs nearly 566 kg with 14 gallons fuel storage capacity. Additional features include the on-board communication system, snorkel mounted video cameraand dash mounted display. Maximum surface speed is 50 mph, while submerged speed an go up to 20mph. It can dive up to 5 feet for brief durations, can leap 12 feet in air while jumping and rolling 360 degrees.

Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald