As per the reports, many websites are blocked or restricted by the government across many regions of the world. Internet users face problem logging into some specific websites for shopping or business purposes. Every region has their own policy for internet usage meanwhile some pages related to information, education or items for sale with rare quantity becomes elusive in many regions. Many people depend on the internet to find resources or contact information on the internet while blocking of sites or restrictions affected people who depend on specific items for use or sale of a region. 

 While some people who search for contents for research purpose or uses the internet to access the site of their own region when he/she lives abroad face problems to have access to fetch a file or a document stored in a cloud. Internet service providers’ tracks IP address of a user based on location and a webpage which may be restricted or blocked in some certain location can leave you helpless. In such cases, it could affect you in many ways. 

The Entertainment industries are flooding its contents everywhere on the internet, many people have high interest in some contents and it may have been blocked to view or download contents in your region. While there are internet campaigns for restrictions it has left many fans or people unhappy. People have diverse interest across the globe and not having access to view or read the cultures or entertainment of distinct regions can leave some people completely ignorant. Blocking of sites can affect the economy in both sides where they share contents. Social media, information blogs, and news reports are affected the most. The international market could suffer loss as many groups or individuals, as many people engage in online marketing. For more information please visit 

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