Govt. violates privacy safeguards to secretly monitor Internet traffic
"Keyword-based monitoring can snoop in on emails, web-browsing, chat." From this report it is obvious that the government can and is snooping. The reactions to such reports are really surprising. There is a general disinterest; haven't heard of an outrage our uproar that such news should trigger....
How news sites can build social media communities
A news organisation that fails to engage its audience and allow real time participation in its output is not only missing a trick but also likely to lose that audience.
Corporate row cuts off 1.7m mobile phone users
Some 1.7 million phone subscribers with Etisalat DB have been cut off following a dispute between the telecoms operator and Reliance Communications.
Manmohan joins Twitter, 10,000 followers and counting
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has joined Twitter to capture the attention of young Indians and inform people about the work done by his office through 140 characters on the popular microblogging site.
Hegemony in Contemporary Culture and Media and the Need for a Counter Initiative
Gramscian hegemony, more than overt imperialism, characterises contemporary mass culture and media. A paradigm shift in the way we understand, represent and experience the world subserves a new and aggressive corporate teleology. Technological convergence and digitisation, which held an initial p...
The Economist’s future of news debate (and a nice example of online video)
An interesting debate on the future of news and a great example of storytelling using online video (The Economist’s future of news debate (and a nice example of online video)