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Robin Good: Wallflux is a tool which helps you to export Facebook Page and Group Walls to RSS 2.0 feeds, which you can then subscribe to in your RSS reader / aggregator for final curation.


Wallflux works for Facebook Groups, Pages and Events and Users.


"When you need to import Facebook group posts, comments & images into your blog, Wallflux is the service of choice with custom #atom-feeds."


Wallflux also integrates a search feature which allows you to search right inside those Facebook Pages ad Groups.


P.S.: Due to privacy settings, Wallflux does not work out of the box for closed or secret Facebook Groups., but with a small action from your side (adding the service to the group) you can access those Wallflux-feeds just like those of regular Facebook Groups.

Note: To prevent abuse there is a charge €5 in handling to enable your closed or secret group.


Wallflux is free.


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Via Robin Good, Let's Learn IT