8 Unusual (But Powerful) Social Networks For Freelance Bloggers | Online Marketing Hub | Scoop.it
Which social networks have helped you build the strongest community around your blog so far? In November 2014, I wrote a long guide to help both SMM managers and bloggers make the most out of the most popular social platforms. However, there are more social networks and communities out there, some pretty unusual and little-heard among bloggers, but definitely powerful if you play your cards well. Which cards, you may ask? Here's a list: Your niche or industry Your target audience Your specific approach and the angle around which you built your core message. The 8 unusual but powerful social networks introduced in this post will work best for you if you have those three pointers (really your USP, Unique Selling Proposition) already clear in your mind. 1. Kingged  http://kingged.com Whatever your blogging niche, Kingged comes handy to promote your blog posts across the community. Kingged is a content-based network, which means you can syndicate or write -- and then promote -- content