Fed-up obese man suing White Castle for bigger booths | obesity in the US | Scoop.it
White Castle has the taste some people can't live without, but it also features moderately sized booths.

1. Man sues White Castle for booth size

2. white castle has moderate sized booths, man filed a suit because they wouldn't make the booths bigger, employee promised to make booths bigger but never followed through, sent the man coupons for free burgers

3. The writer seems to only state the facts about the situation and tell both sides to the story.

4. The writer does not directly state his opinion.

6. The columnist writes with a unbiast opinion.

7. Readers who want to know more about obesity in the United States and how extreme it has become.

8. The writer doesn't show his opinion in the article, so the reader doesn't have anything to agree with.

9. Mills, Jeff. "Fed-up obese man sueing White Castle for bigger booths." Nerve. 11 Sept. 2011


2. The writer states facts about what happened with the man sueing White Castle, so he doesn't convey a side that he may be taking. He never claims to think that the situation is rediculous, or if he agrees with the man. "Kessman's beef with the restaurant (sorry again) dates back to April 2009, when he visited the White Castle in Nanuet, N.Y. for his usual No. 2 combo meal." This statement shows that the author did some background research on the man, so his facts are legitament, and can be trusted. The comment "(sorry again)" shows some humor in the article, by having a food pun. "He said the Americans with Disabilities Act is applicable 'not only to me, but to pregnant women and to handicapped people.'" This statement shows that the man sueing has also done some background information on laws passed, and is trying to manipulate them to fit his current situation.