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Fusionner plusieurs fichiers PDF en un seul ave...

Fusionner plusieurs fichiers PDF en un seul ave... | OAguets | Scoop.it
“Vous avez plusieurs documents PDF séparés et vous souhaitez les fusionner en un seul document PDF. Si vous utilisez le navigateur Google Chrome, je vous conseille l'application PDF Mergy qui va vous aider à les fusionner très facilement.”
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Scooped by Denis COHEN

veille concurrentielle technologique stratégique

veille concurrentielle technologique stratégique | OAguets | Scoop.it
Réputation zen fournit la veille concurrentielle, veille technologique, veille stratégique intelligence économique se réfère à des techniques informatiques utilisées dans l'identification, l'extraction, l'analyse des données d'entreprise, associée...
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The Top 15 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Today, Friday, 6/7/13 from The Marketing Automation Alert

The Top 15 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Today, Friday, 6/7/13 from The Marketing Automation Alert | OAguets | Scoop.it

Found some excellent material before the weekend for you. First, chiefmartec.com returns with a brilliant post that summarizes Scott Brinker’s marketing technologist philosophy, and is a must read. SiriusDecisions has a post on mix modeling, and we should strongly consider adding this to our everyday vernacular. Some excellent ideas are captured as well: ways to increase leads from your blog, the power of long landing pages, some design improvements, and an updated marketing automation guide. Lastly, Vine for Android has arrived (finally). Have an excellent weekend.


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Featured Marketing Automation Article


Art and science in marketing: meaning, truth, and money - Chief Marketing Technologist Blog



From www.slideshare.net - Today, 8:52 AM




Should marketing have more art or more science? Both! These aren't an either/or proposition. Modern marketing is about combining the best of left-brain analytics and right-brain creativity to deliver compelling customer experiences.

This presentation introduces the hybrid "marketer scientist" -- an ideal blend of storyteller, data analyst, brand champion, experimentalist, experience designer, technologist, change agent, and system thinking. Of course, not everyone needs to be an expert in ALL of those. But all marketers should be willing to embrace them, and the modern marketing organization must find a way to synthesize them with a balanced team.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

The slides above are supplementary to Scott Brinker's post. His post covers everything that he has been proselytizing from the get-go, and is a must read. It almost serves as a description of the way things are/need to be, and in itself is a roadmap for the actions you need to take to be successful as a B2B marketer. A must read.



Maybe You Already Have Enough Data for Analytics: Part III: Marketing Mix Analysis | SiriusDecisions Blog



From www.siriusdecisions.com - Today, 8:44 AM


How a little math magic can be used to predict better performance.




SiriusDecisions research indicates that b-to-b buyers complete 67 percent of their journey online. The sales rep has less of a role in these early stages. As a result, marketing analysis has shifted from modeling the sales rep’s interaction with buyers to measuring marketing’s online interaction with the buyer, making it possible to predict the future behavior of that buyer or similar buyers.


[B-to-B marketers] are using mix modeling techniques to identify the best next tactic to present to a buyer as she or he moves through the sales cycle. These models are used to calculate the likelihood of progression through the sales cycle given an optimal set of tactics.


We estimate that 10 to 15 percent of b-to-b marketers (large companies with the infrastructure and resources to make investments in analytics) are using these methods. However, mix modeling is important to smaller companies as well, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s coming your way. You probably have the data for this kind of analysis, but if you don’t, it’s most likely because you are not collecting it. Second, companies are beginning to see this as an area of competitive differentiation. Now is a good time to take stock of the data available to you and start collecting information for predictive modeling.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

This is an important heads up for all of us, and probably a very smart starting point for your scientific analysis: what content works best in the early stages of the buying process (esp. since the sales rep plays a small role during the beginning of the sales cycle). What are your mix modeling techniques? Let's incorporate mix modeling into our vernacular.



Long Landing Pages: The Secret of the Scroll | Business.com



From www.business.com - Today, 8:16 AM


When it comes to testing longer landing pages, analyze the way your users scroll and know your metrics before you start. Longer pages could perform better.




Before you write off long landing pages, consider these case studies:

According to a study from cxpartners, less content above the fold can actually encourage users to scroll farther down.Neil Patel of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics conducted a study on his own sites and found his longer landing page converted 7.6% better for NeilPatel.com and 30% better for Crazy Egg than a shorter variation and that the long form version of the page yielded higher-quality leads.SEOmoz, which recently rebranded as Moz, saw a 52% lift in sales of SEOmoz’s PRO membership with a longer landing page.


As you begin designing your longer landing pages, here are the secrets to getting buyers and visitors to scroll down for more.

Focus on the chain of actions. Through what source is a buyer coming to your landing page from? When they get to your page, are they getting the experience they are expecting?Get a great headline.Create compelling content.Have clear calls to action. Don’t be afraid to explicitly urge readers to scroll down, either through text or an image. Just be sure your call to action includes a value proposition.Add click-to-scroll functionality. Make your graphics clickable or link to target locations within the same page. The ability to jump to a certain section saves users time and can often provide you with direct data about what is encouraging engagement.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

It's a compelling argument. Of course, it depends on the pre-click content, the complexity of the product/service and the CTA, but worthwhile to A/B a few times.



Eight ways to double lead volume from your blog | @HeinzMarketing



From www.heinzmarketing.com - Today, 8:19 AM


Condensed excerpt...


[H]ere are a few tactics to increase lead production significantly with the same volume of content.

1. Integrate offers as text links right into the copy

2. Add offers to the sidebar
3. Add italicized offers at the bottom
4. Add integrated ad links custom to the content towards the bottom
5. Measure which topics get the most traffic and conversions, and increase your volume of that type of content
6. Repurpose past blog posts into best practice guides
7. Google+ authorship
8. Use InboundWriter or similar to optimize posts as you write them


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Matt Heinz provides detail to each of the eight, so we encourage you to click through for the additional explanation. Good stuff!



Three Reasons Your Demand Gen Stinks (and What to Do About It) - Profs


From www.mpdailyfix.com - Today, 8:04 AM

Your marketing department has gotten better at generating leads, but your sales department isn't happy. What's wrong with the leads? Here are three reasons why your demand gen might stink

iNeoMarketing's insight:

The author goes into detail with each issue, and offers solutions. But you already know the solution, don't you?



3 Must-See Menu Design Styles - 'Net Features - Website Magazine



From www.websitemagazine.com - Today, 8:00 AM


Ever walk in a mall and not know whether to look left, right, up or down for the store, theater or restaurant you want? There’s a certain amount of anxiety in that experience and trying to locate a directory can add to the frustration.


Summarized and condensed...


Squarespace - Where’d It Go?

“Squarespace's navigation uses a mobile ‘off-canvas’ pattern across all screen sizes including the desktop,” said Reese. “While there is some risk in hiding navigation behind an interactive element, it works on this site because the main mode of discovery is scrolling through the long-form page.”

Knotice - Looking Left

Knotice made the switch from a traditional, top horizontal navigation bar to a vertical one on the left-hand side of the page for aesthetic reasons, according to its Director of Marketing Patti Renner.

PunchTab – Sign Up Already

“PunchTab seems to have made the navigation area secondary to the primary page content in order to encourage visitors to begin their sign-up flow as quickly as possible,” said Reese. “This strategy likely increases their sign-up rates, but may not be ideal for returning visitors or potential customers who want to learn more about their brand.”


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Three smart menu designs. We're considering one ourselves.



The Problems With Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Marketing Budget - Marketo



From blog.marketo.com - Today, 7:49 AM


The experience of using a spreadsheet for managing a marketing budget can range from simplistic to nightmarish. Read on to find out the 5 problems with managing budgets on a spreadsheet.




There are five primary problems with using spreadsheets.

1)  Spreadsheet data can be erroneous when entered or changed.

2)  Spreadsheet consolidations and aggregations are not for the weak of heart.

3)  Spreadsheets are not scalable. I have seen marketing budgets that encompass hundreds of marketing programs, multiple lines of business or geographies across multiple product lines. If you are tracking and rolling up all marketing spend transactions, you can easily get into tens of thousands of lines of spreadsheet rows making reporting and consolidations slow and difficult.

4)  Spreadsheets are in reality not that flexible. Using the same scenario cited in the consolidations and scalability examples described above, imagine the impact of a decision to add a column, track a new element, add a new category of spending or a new line of business. 

5)  Spreadsheets are problematic to inspect and audit. We’ve all seen it. Your spreadsheet doesn’t cross foot or total up to what’s in the submitted budget or spending report. Consider a budget that was fine on Monday but is now not footing on Tuesday. Who changed it and where was the change made. What’s your audit trail?


iNeoMarketing's insight:

ESPECIALLY THE AUDIT TRAIL! Once you start going down the .xls trail, we won't see you for another two weeks. Marketo and others offer financial management tools as a part of MA: doesn't it make sense that results from campaigns are auto-rolled into your budget from one location?



Optify | 5 Lead Nurturing Emails Every Company Should Send



From www.optify.net - Today, 7:52 AM


In my last blog post “5 Reasons You Need Email Marketing Campaigns”, I noted that that out of all the other online marketing channels, many studies have shown that email marketing wins on ROI.




1. Newsletter

2. New blog post announcement

3. New product or service upgrade/announcement

4. Discount or promotion

5. Advice in the form of guides, eBooks or whitepapers


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Lead nurturing content should be focused on the element of surprise, so whatever you send, surprise your recipient.



Twitter’s Vine Comes to Android - ClickZ



From www.clickz.com - Today, 7:37 AM


Woohoo, Android users can join the “cool kids club” as Twitter’s Vine app has finally come to Google’s operating system.




Vine for Android is slightly different than it is for the iPhone and has some features missing. These include support for smartphones' front-facing cameras, hashtags, search and sharing to Facebook. According to Twitter, it is working to make the two flavors have the same capabilities in upcoming updates.

iNeoMarketing's insight:

It was announced a bit earlier, but we received reports of some issues. Now that those issues have been resolved, good to go.



FREE --> B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2013: The Marketer's Guide UPDATED



From downloads.digitalmarketingdepot.com - Today, 7:32 AM


This 61-page report draws from primary and secondary research sources, including interviews with industry leaders, top-level executives at leading marketing automation software vendors, and marketers who have adopted marketing automation software.

Find out more about marketing automation, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in this market:

What trends are driving the adoption of marketing automation tools?Who are the leading players in marketing automation?What capabilities do marketing automation tools provide?Does my company need a marketing automation tool?How are marketing automation platforms priced?


iNeoMarketing's insight:

This is an UPDATE to an earlier version. And if Scott Brinker is involved, you know it is a quality piece of work (and it is!).



[INFOGRAPHIC] Google Penguin Update | Digital Jungle



From visual.ly - Today, 7:30 AM


This infographic highlights the changes being made by Google in the way it determines the organic rankings of websites



How to Get More Likes on Facebook - Infographic - KISSmetrics



From blog.kissmetrics.com - Today, 7:27 AM


Photos get 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs. Click here to learn more about how to get more Facebook Likes.



Who Is Winning the Talent War in Social Media? [Infographic] - Profs



From www.marketingprofs.com - Today, 7:26 AM


Social Media - Online-savvy job recruiters are turning to social networks to find new talent for their companies. But the competition for talent is fierce online. So, which companies are doing the best?



How B2B Content Impacts Buying Decisions [Infographic] - Profs



From www.marketingprofs.com - Today, 7:25 AM


Content - Some 87% of B2B buyers say online content has a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection, according to a recent report by the CMO Council.



Quality Content is King (Infographic) - inklyo



From www.inklyo.com - Today, 7:23 AM


Think content is overrated? Think again! Quality content still rules the web. Inklyo offers up some awesome stats on the state of content marketing today.

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