Things to look forward to in nursing! | Nursing at it's Fineist |

There is a lot that goes into being a nurse. In a way you are the most important person in the hospital; Doctors just diagnose and then leave the nurse to do the rest. There are a lot of working conditions that you have to be able to deal with such as missing a lot of family functions (birthdays), you have to be able to deal with the general public not just the upper class families. This means the drug users, the homeless and sometimes belligerent people. You will also need to be quick on your feet with problem solving. There are many cases where you will have to make a split second decision. There is a lot of stress that adds up when you are in the middle of a shift and most nurses bring their stress home with them. The curriculum is changing in universities so that nurses are more equip to deal with the stress of the job. To become a nurse is very difficult; it is one of the hardest programs in university and college. To get your license it is an 8 hour exam, if you fail the exam you are allowed a maximum of 2 rewrites. Becoming a nurse is the hard part, but seeing how much you made at the end of the year is the easy part. As a personal support worker you would be making $18 per hour. As an RPN you would be making $23per hour, RN’s make anywhere from$29.50/hour- $44.00/hour. If you extend your education you can make from $42 to $53/hr. If you are an advanced practicing RN $42+ /hr. Hospitals are the best place to work to get into these brackets. If you are willing to do overtime you can get up to 60$ an hour. It is a lot of work to become a nurse but there is also a lot of money in nursing.