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The presentation from Lucy Reis was very catching as she mentioned some very interesting things and explained to us what it takes to become a nurse. Lucy first explained that nursing is predominately a career that girls take but nursing is also a career for guys as well. Nursing is a 24 hour job and it varies from days and night shifts. All shifts in hospitals consist of 12 shifts 7am – 7pm and 7pm – 7am. Nursing is a very adventuring job as you face many different situations and tasks each and every day; it’s not a repetitive job. There are five different types of nursing as Lucy Reis explained. The five types of nursing consist of PSW- Personal support worker. RPN- Registered practical nurse. RN- Need a 83% to be considered for the university program. RN (EC) – Post graduate diploma, and PHD – post graduate. Lucy also explained to us that it was a high paying job as she made $75,000 as a first year nurse. Also when you work overtime in the nursing industry it can pay up to a whopping $60 an hour which is unbelievable. Working conditions consist of only 7 shifts in 2 weeks. Nursing is a very emotional driven job and it can be a tough job because there are loving patients that you will never forget.