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High-Sugar Diet Can Impair Learning And Memory By Altering Gut Bacteria

High-Sugar Diet Can Impair Learning And Memory By Altering Gut Bacteria | non toxic choices |
The typical American diet is loaded with fat and sugar, and it may be hurting not only our physical health, but also our ability to think clearly.

New research from Oregon State University finds a
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

We've known that too much sugar consumption is one of the driving forces of obesity, diabetes and other serious ailments.

But here is a research that says that too much sugar can predispose you to being  an idiot

Your sweet tooth is a bitter pill for your brain!

But the risks of too much sugar  go beyond a mushy brain

Excessive sugar consumption  can lead to obesity.

Obesity is a risk factor for:

1. Depression

2. Sleep Problems

3. Heart Disease

4. Brain Impairment

5. Erectile Dysfunction in men

6. Hormonal Imbalance

7. Fatigue etc


Excessive sugar consumption can predispose you to

1. Cancer

2. Diabetes

3. Fatigue

4. Yeast infection

5. Low Immunity etc.

The results of this research is not new. We've known this for years.

Unfortunately, food manufacturers load our foods with these poisons without any necessity for it.

Can you imagine sugar being added to canned fruits-fruits are sweet to begin with!

You should your fruits fresh anyway.

Now that opposition to High Fructose Corn Sugar is growing, the manufacturers are engaged in some Orwellian name change.

You may now find in place of High Fructose Corn Sugar, just Corn Sugar on your food label.

But make no mistake about it-it is still the same product!

And we are not even talking about that sweetener that's even more dangerous to your health than regular sugar!

I am talking about Aspartame..

The artificial sweetener the FDA rejected 16-yes 16-consecutive times..

That is until political corruption put it on your dinner table!

You wonder why these food companies do not use natural sugars such as Natural Maple Syrup, Black-strap Molasses, Honey etc

You wonder why they are selling us what belong in the dump

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Humans Living in Cities Are Slowly Losing Their Ability to Digest Plants

Humans Living in Cities Are Slowly Losing Their Ability to Digest Plants | non toxic choices |
Western, industrialized diets are seriously lacking in fiber, and it may be fundamentally changing the way our guts digest tough plant matter.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
We eat on the go
We gorge on fast foods 
These foods are laden with unhealthy oils, fried foods and refined carbohydrates Our diet is devoid of fruits and vegetables which in turn leads to poor digestion and a toxic body
Add to that the fact that we are sleep derived because we are glued to our phones and computers all day all night 
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that YOU Fill Half Your Plates with Fruits and Vegetables
Here is the Best multi-vitamin for men with 42 Fruits and Vegetables among its 102 Non-Gmo ingredients.
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Best Instant Female Arousal Products

Best Instant Female Arousal Products | non toxic choices |
5 min read AARP performed a study that concluded that 30% of women have low, or no, libido. Furthermore, NCBI says that 40% of women will experience low libido at some point in their lives. If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your libido, then you’re in the right place.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
Female libido is more complicated than than that of males

There are many factors that turn off a woman from sex
These include..

Birth Control Pills
Thyroid problems
Some medications
Hormonal imbalance
Illness etc.

It is possible for a woman to want sex but her body just won't "turn on"
I know that sounds like a contradiction

But if you've ever experienced this you know what that means
But what might sound even more unbelievable is that there is a product that would instantly arouse a woman's appetite for sex,
relieve vaginal dryness and help a her experience explosive orgasm

There is!

One such product is this Instant Female Arousal Pussy Cream
More information about this amazing Cream at this link
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May Continues a Ridiculous Warm Streak for the Planet

May Continues a Ridiculous Warm Streak for the Planet | non toxic choices |
New NASA data shows this May was the second-hottest May on record.

Via Demarcio Washington
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Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk

Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk | non toxic choices |
Gulping down an artificially sweetened beverage not only may be associated with health risks for your body, but also possibly your brain, a new study suggests.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
Diet sodas are risk factors for poor health.
This research says downing these sweetened toxins can predispose you to dementia and strokes!

This is on top of the latest research that concluded that sodas can kill your sex drive.
Read about that report at this post:

But the American Beverage Association is having none of this prestigious research.
Here is their take:  ""The FDA, World Health Organization, European Food Safety Authority and others have extensively reviewed low-calorie sweeteners and have all reached the same conclusion -- they are safe for consumption."

Well, that's not true!

The research I cited above had implicated Aspartame and High Corn Fructose Syrup in a host of diseases including damage to the arteries in the penis and consequently, erectile dysfunction

Aspartame has been linked to obesity, diabetes, headaches, erectile dysfunction etc.

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Low-sodium diets not always worth their salt, Canadian study finds

Low-sodium diets not always worth their salt, Canadian study finds | non toxic choices |
Contrary to popular thought, maintaining a low-sodium diet may not be beneficial to one's health. According to a recently published study, cutting down your daily salt intake could actually be harmful to your body.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
Isn't that something
I've always said that we may not know what we thought we knew

Over the years I've maintained in conversation and writings, that the salt scare is just that-a scare

Besides, the salt mostly available at regular stores is NOT real salt
It is a chemical

Lack of sodium can give a heart attack among its many risks!

It's been cooked, dried, and altered.

Real salt has big coarse crystals.
It  is hygroscopic-that is if left in the open, it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere

The salt you buy at supermarket flows because of added chemicals

The salt scare is not the only wrong conventional wisdom either

Cholesterol is another one
Cholesterol is good for you

The hype about about cholesterol is a a money making scare
Read here about this particular hoax:
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A Cancer Survivor Underwent The First Penis Transplant In The United States

A Cancer Survivor Underwent The First Penis Transplant In The United States | non toxic choices |

Thomas Manning, whose penis was amputated due to cancer, received the transplant at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston earlier

Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
The very mention scares the daylight out of everyone.
And the worst way it can strike a man is in his....well,  manhood

Turns out, some good people are not going to let cancer get the last laugh

We all wish this man a good recovery and a good working tool after it's all said and done.

But have you heard about Dr Otto Warburg?

WHO, you ask?

Well, Dr Warburg was a brilliant German scientist whose research found the major causes of cancer and how to beat it-naturally!

Yeah, I know..
For all we know, this Dr Warburg character might be a quack!
Because if someone had made such  an important discovery, you would have heard about it

Television stations would be shouting it from every rooftop.

Well, what would you say if I told you this research was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine..
IN 1931!

How come you haven't heard about this?

Go read about Dr Warburg research and Cancer by following this link
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Will Africans finally Profit from their Natural Resources?

Will Africans finally Profit from their Natural Resources? | non toxic choices |
The Hybrid Airship from Lockheed Martin can haul a 20 ton cargo and land on ice. It could enable gold and diamond mining in the most remote parts of Africa.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:



But here is a question every African should ask:

Who profit from all this?

1     Foreign companies?

2     Corrupt African Polithiefcians?

3     Or ordinary citizens?


Africans know-or should know by now,-that foreigners do not always have their interests at heart

They have centuries of evidence to prove that.

For instance, most gold is mined in Africa, but you would be hard pressed to find any African gold merchants in Brussels!


The people in Congo mine some much needed  minerals in very horrible conditions-and for pennies a day.

These blood minerals generate tremendous profits for foreign money mongers.


In fact, the political turmoil in the Congo today, has its origin in the misfortune of being blessed with what may be the richest mineral deposit in the world.

The struggle for profits in mineral rich Katanga province of the Congo, and arrogance of power-are reasons Patrice Lumumba was murdered by one foreign intelligence apparatus.


This was what brought that notorious dictator Mobutu Sese Seko to power.

The only claim to fame of Mobutu is his ability, and propensity for selling his country's wealth for a pot of porridge-and unleashing untold violence on his people.


His playbook has been borrowed from, studied and perfected by many African polithiefcians..

..Men and women who have no qualms about grinding their countries into abject  poverty, while they line their pockets with loot from public treasuries


All these while the citizenry is being distracted by the latest gossips, and the color of the panties of one actress or another


This same citizenry is convinced it is civilized by virtue of the fact that it have access to cell phones and the internet.


All this while their countries become more decadent and uncaring,

while the old ways of respect, decency and caring, fall by the wayside


They have confused technology with being civilized!

They are not the same!!


In some of these countries:

1.  There is no functioning postal system,

2    There is no viable Medical system-people die needlessly

3     There is no electrical power most of the time

4     There is no infrastructure to speak of

5     A clean drinking water system is non-existent

6     And there is no accountability from those who have "stolen the
       countries blind!"


Yet, their polithiefcians live like royalty, while their countries decay around them.

It's just like a beautiful Sepulcher-beautiful on the outside, rotten on the inside!


Tell me how such a society can compete on the world stage!

Let's hope this time around, African PEOPLE would demand to profit from what is theirs by RIGHT

Unfortunately, history is NOT on the side of my optimism.
I will be very happy IF I am wrong this time!

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Protein Found In Breast Milk Could Fight Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Protein Found In Breast Milk Could Fight Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria | non toxic choices |
There have been repeated warnings on the overuse of antibiotics and the development of bacteria that are resistant to all known antimicrobial drugs. The problem is so big that some have even suggested that we are close to entering a “post-antibiotic era” in which even infections that are currently routine and easy to cure will become deadly and untreatable.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

You'll forgive me if I sometimes get irritated by some of these "new discoveries"

Some of these discoveries are just a waste of money

Or has the world got dumb all over?

This is what I mean..

If you talk to your mother, if you are as old as I am, or to your grandmother if you're younger, she would have told you what this research wasted much time and money to announce with so much fanfare.

Breast milk is one of the most potent nutritional product on earth.


And Colostrum-contained in mammalian breast milk, in the first few days after birth-has ALL known immune factors

It also has ALL known Probiotics!

In fact, before the advent, and proliferation of antibiotics, Colostrum was the antibiotic of choice!

This is not news.

In fact I made a post about the amazing power of Colostrum at this link:


Now that antibiotics are getting less effective by the day, people are now discovering the awesome nutritional, and immune boosting power of Colostrum

Here is one more thing your grandmother could have told you about breast milk-if you had asked her...

If you have some eye trouble-red eye, something in your eye etc.-well squeeze some breast milk into your eyes and you might be surprised at the relief you get

With so many factors depleting our immune system:

1.  More than 100,000 man made chemicals

2.  Foods that are NOT even foods

3.  Hormone disruptors

4.  Genetically modified salmon etc.,...


Colostrum should be in your arsenal of healthy body defense

But don't bet on finding this kind of news about how to get healthy naturally..

Unless of course you are a Subscriber to Natural Health News Newsletter.

Here is where you can subscribe to that newsletter


What kind of info can you expect?

How about the fact that some one actually discovered the major cause of cancer and how you can cancer proof your body...

IN 1931!


And how about the fact that low Cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attack  and premature death?

And yet cholesterol lowering drugs are being pushed with a vengeance


Anyone ever told you that?

Now. do you see why I am sometimes annoyed with some of these discoveries that are old news

Even Neanderthals knew the health value of breast milk!

The hijacking of that knowledge by the synthetic baby food industry is why most people do not know what Neanderthal knew

It is also the reason we have many young people with allergies and compromised immune systems

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Skin-to-Skin 'Kangaroo-Style' Care May Benefit Newborns' Health

Skin-to-Skin 'Kangaroo-Style' Care May Benefit Newborns' Health | non toxic choices |
Babies born with a low birth weight who are regularly held by their mothers skin-to-skin — or "kangaroo style" — may have a lower risk of dying prematurely, according to a new analysis of previous research.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

Wait a minute!

This is news?

My mother could have saved them some research money.

She could have told them this decades ago!

Tn fact, every culture I know-certainly African culture-practices this supposedly new therapy

Their mothers and other women actually used to take turns holding these premature babies, and sing to them

Why waste precious resources to "discover"-Columbus style-what has been known for centuries?

Next time these people have money to throw around, why not toss it my way.

I can sure use it!


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Our Messed-Up Milk Supply Has Been Tied to Parkinson's Disease

Our Messed-Up Milk Supply Has Been Tied to Parkinson's Disease | non toxic choices |
This study says a pesticide widely used in the 80s made its way into our milk supply and is likely the reason for modern Parkinson’s disease cases.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

And you thought Milk does a body good!

I have been saying that Milk does NOT do a body good unless you are a Baby.



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Sodas linked to increased heart failure risk | Fox News

Sodas linked to increased heart failure risk | Fox News | non toxic choices |
Men who drink two or more glasses of soda or other sweetened drinks a day may have a greater risk of heart failure, a Swedish study suggests.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

Sodas are nothing but sweetened poison

It's bad enough when it is sweetened with sugar.

But when it's sweetened with that worse poison Aspartame-in all its incarnations, what you have is a product you don't want in your garbage can.

Soda is poison..


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NC DHHS Warns Overuse of Antibiotics Can Be Unsafe; Get Smart And Know When Antibiotics Work - The Island Gazette Newspaper

NC DHHS Warns Overuse of Antibiotics Can Be Unsafe; Get Smart And Know When Antibiotics Work - The Island Gazette Newspaper | non toxic choices |
RALEIGH, N.C. : Nov. 20th, 2015 - The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Public Health (DPH) is encouraging the publi...
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

We've known for a long the health risks of antibiotics over use

Progressive doctors and various governments are concerned about the over prescription of antibiotics in humans and livestock

The risks of resistant bacteria are very serious.

Infections  that used to be just an inconvenience  can now kill you!


How did we get here?

The desire for quick fixes by doctors and patients have now created a nightmare for health professionals.

The reason it is not being talked about so much is because the government is afraid of panicking the public


Unfortunately, an antibiotic does not know bad bacteria from good.

It just kills them all

And that exactly is the problem.

You need good gut bacteria for almost every aspect of your health:


1. Your immune system-in fact, over 70% of your immunity is tied to  
    gut health

2. Maintaining a healthy weight

3. Brain health

4. Cardiovascular health etc


These good bacteria should be so much that they outnumber the bad ones by almost 4 to 1 ratio

When bad bacteria overwhelm the good ones, you are at risk for:
a. Candida/Yeast infection
b. Low immunity

c. Depression

d. Inability to lose weight

e. Fatigue

f.  Toxic system

g.  Slow metabolism

h.  Higher risks of cancer etc.


So if you cannot lose weight no matter what you do, or you're constantly tired, depressed, or constantly in a bad mood, you may have yeast infection even if your do not know it!


Unfortunately, the symptoms of yeast mimics those of other diseases.

It is very common for doctors to misdiagnose the symptoms of yeast infections.


Which leads to the next logical question:

Before the discovery of Antibiotics, what were we using to ward off germs?

One of the most important products used to defeat germs and boost immunity-before the proliferation of antibiotics-comes straight from mother nature..

What is Colostrum?

A potent natural product that contains

A.  ALL  known immune factors

B.  ALL known Probiotics and more


Here is where you can read more about the awesome health benefits of Colostrum:


Download the Book above "Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick" FREE at this link


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Genetically modified salmon OK’d for human consumption in US-The Pandora Box of modified animals

Genetically modified salmon OK’d for human consumption in US-The Pandora Box of modified animals | non toxic choices |
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved genetically modified salmon, the first such altered animal allowed for human consumption in the United States.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

The FDA says this "Frankenfish" is safe

Remember all those drugs that are being recalled constantly?

The FDA said they were safe too.

Whichever side you are on in this debate about GMO, common sense tells us that this is not normal.


The growth hormone in this fish should cause concern for everyone.

Growth hormone supplementation in humans has its own problems.

What with this fish producing growth hormone all year long?

What would be the effects of this in humans?

Is it possible that this can alter hormone balance in humans?

It is hard to buy the argument of AquaBounty-the manufacturer of this fish-because it has a financial interest.


Yes this is a manufactured fish


And how about the FDA?

Hundreds of drugs it once approved are being routinely recalled.

And those drugs in the market place sound like toxins that belong in city dumps

This level of failure would make a private individual unqualified for such job.

And these are the companies-and agencies you are supposed to trust to protect your most precious assets-your health!


The consequences of consuming this monster fish may not manifest until years-maybe decades, later


And when they do, they would be attributed to other causes

And guess what?

They would have drugs for those too.


You know we are smarter than Nature, right?

Even if Nature has a few million years of greater experience, we ARE smarter just the same


Let me show you how smart we are


We go into space

We pollute the environment

We make more weapons to kill more people and we call these weapons peace keepers!

We decorate those who are more efficient at taking human life with medals-we call them heroes


Has Nature ever seen a creature better at razing the earth, and shooting itself in the foot ?


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Best Multi-vitamin For Men To Enhance physical Mental and Sexual Lives Of Men
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
Men have some nutritional requirements different from women
For instance men need more Selenium and Zinc
About half of a man's Selenium is in his sperm store
Low Selenium level is a marker for Male Infertility
The Best Multi-vitamin for men consists of 102 natural NON-GMO ingredients from Land and Sea..


42 Fruits and Vegetables
This is the best multivitamin complex to address the special needs of male health
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Fattened, Genetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future

Fattened, Genetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future | non toxic choices |
Scientists have built an algae that spits out more than twice as much fat as wild algae.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
See what happens when we are as diligent for the natural as we are for synthetics?
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Sugary Drinks Tied to Accelerated Brain Aging

Sugary Drinks Tied to Accelerated Brain Aging | non toxic choices |
Drinking sugary beverages is associated with markers of accelerated aging and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study reports.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
So you enjoy all those soda drinks?
Well, here is report you may eventually forget where you live
Could this be part of the reason Alzheimer's is predicted to rise significantly in coming years

But brain impairment is not the only risk of sugary drinks and sodas

Obesity is now a world wide problem.
One of the culprits in this explosion of obesity is soda and sugary drinks

It's not hard to find men and women who seem to be carrying twins..
Except they are not pregnant!

These sugary drinks and sodas also accelerate not only aging of the brain, but aging in general.

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New Bulimia weight-loss device makes people cringe in disgust

New Bulimia weight-loss device makes people cringe in disgust | non toxic choices |
The FDA approved stomach-draining device "is like giving someone bulimia"
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
I mean, it's disgusting!
AspireAssist is the name of this device
This contraption is what I call  MIB-"Medically Induced Bulimia"
And it has the full blessing of the FDA
Read all about it here

So what dose this device do?
It allows the obese to drain some of their stomach content into an external container through a tube
The tube connects the stomach to this external container
I told you it's disgusting!

I've written a lot about weight loss because there is an epidemic of it world wide.
BUT, this contraption takes the Bizarre Prize!
And it has the blessing of the FDA?

Want to lose weight?
There is no magic pill
Read this post:
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This popular painkiller also kills kindness

This popular painkiller also kills kindness | non toxic choices |
If your job, or simply your state of mind, depends on feeling empathy for others, you might want to reconsider reaching for the Tylenol the next time you have a
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
The painkiller that takes away your humanity!
How do you like that!

The problem is that most drugs work not with your body, but by disrupting body functions

Some pain killers work by blocking pain signals
Not by eliminating the pain, but by preventing nerves from transmitting pain signals

Some anti depressants work by altering the balance of brain chemicals

This is bad medicine because pain is actually a necessary warning signal-it is a survival mechanism

Now, we have concrete evidence that what is supposed to take your pain away instead makes you the premier neighborhood jerk!

The best approach to pain is to find out why this warning signal is being sent by your body...

AND.. fix the problem

Now, that's good medicine!
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Vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing cataract - News Independent

Vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing cataract - News Independent | non toxic choices |
According to a new study, eating foods rich in vitamin C can slow down the progression of cataracts, an eye condition that
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:
Here is another health advantage of Vitamin C.
Prevention of cataract is not the only health advantage of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a strong anti oxidant, making it an anti aging supplement too.

Vitamin C has established  a reputation as an awesome supplement.

Almost all fruits contain Vitamin C.

Maybe nature is trying to tell us something.
Intravenous Vitamin C, according to Dr Linus Pauling, is even a viable cancer treatment!
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Superbugs to kill 'more than cancer' by 2050 - BBC News

Superbugs to kill 'more than cancer' by 2050 - BBC News | non toxic choices |
Drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide by 2050 unless action is taken, a study says.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

Does this scare you? It scares me!

Antibiotics are being outsmarted by more and more bugs, and we have ourselves to blame. The over use of antibiotics has allowed these bugs to mutate into resistant strains

Then there is Global warming!

What does global warming have to do with super bugs, you ask?

A lot it turns out

A report came out some time ago about a bug frozen under polar ice for 30,000 years, that woke up when the ice melted..


It was infectious!

If that does not scare you, pinch yourself, you might be dead!!

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Nitrates, leafy green vegetables linked to lower glaucoma risk

Nitrates, leafy green vegetables linked to lower glaucoma risk | non toxic choices |
Higher consumption of nitrates, mostly through leafy green vegetables, was linked to a lower risk of developing glaucoma, according to a new study.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

Here is another proof that your mother was right!

"Eat your veggies" she would say

Nitrate foods are a powerhouse of healthy nutrients

But here is one thing your mother might not have told you because she wants your father to broach that topic:

Nitrate foods can help you retain your manhood

You can actually get harder erection by eating nitrate rich foods as this post says:


But nitrate foods go beyond vision health and libido boost

Nitrate foods also lowers high blood pressure and more

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Make These 69 DIY Cleaning Products For Pennies

Make These 69 DIY Cleaning Products For Pennies | non toxic choices |

If you're tired of reaching for cleaning products with ingredients you can't even pronounce, then head to your local grocery store for a few basic components, and make your own. These eco-friendly concoctions will leave your house sparkling.

Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

Did you know there are close to 70,000 man made chemicals?

Natural products have been here for thousands of years.

But the need for profits is why you have all these harmful chemicals all over the place.


We are even now trying to modify natural products-such as the recent approval of Genetically modified Salmon.

The FDA says this fish is safe for human consumption

What is wrong with Salmon from nature?

It's all about profits-at the expense of your health.

The same goes for all these chemicals, most of which are harmful


What the profit mongers are after, is to destroy natural foods/products so they can substitute their patented versions.

When and IF that happens, you won't be able to plant any backyard garden, without a license from them, because your only option will be genetically modified seeds!

Cleaning products should especially be non-toxic

That's because they are perhaps what your body comes in contact with the most

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Cholesterol Lowering Drugs-You and loved ones on the Perpetual Profit Platform

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs-You and loved ones on the Perpetual Profit Platform | non toxic choices |
Between 2005 and 2012, an average of 78.1 million Americans yearly were either taking a prescription medication to improve their cholesterol profile or would be eligible to do so.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

I would like you to pay attention as we try to calculate the millions of new patients the authorities, and Statin manufacturers want to put on drugs


And this for a disease that has been exposed to be a hoax to begin with.


It is NOT true that lowering cholesterol will lower your heart attack risk.

In fact, the opposite is true!

Low Cholesterol IS a risk factor for a heart attack!!

A lot of people who have heart attacks have "normal"  cholesterol level.

Cholesterol lowering drugs can trigger heart attacks

Guess who said that?

Would you believe the FDA?


Cholesterol lowering drugs deplete your body's Coenyzme Q10 level.

COQ10 is the very fuel your heart needs to function and keep its rhythm.

This is the same nutrient these drugs deplete.

The FDA, in acknowledgment of that fact, advised cholesterol drug manufacturers to fortify their drugs with..

You guessed it..



And let us state it again because it is that important..

Low cholesterol is a risk factor for a heart attack

And how about the fact that people with high cholesterol-over 150, actually live longer?

Which makes sense when you think about it..

Except to those who have lowered their cholesterol too much to think clearly

Because Cholesterol is involved in the transmission of electrical signals in the brain

In fact, 25% of your body's Cholesterol is in your brain!

Every cell in your body has cholesterol.


Now let's estimate the number of new victims-pardon me-patients, Statin manufacturers would like to add to their perpetual profit platform-according to this report.


1   " 44.5 percent of American adults likely to benefit"


2   "39.5 percent of American blacks are considered 'eligible'


3   38.4 percent of whites are eligible for such drugs


4   25% of Mexican-American adults


That adds up to millions of new victims-not to talk of billions of dollars of new profits for statin manufacturers!

Remember how many billions of dollars Lipitor generated-and still generating , for Pfizer?


You would remember that a few years ago, the same authority recommended that children as young as 12  be put on Cholesterol lowering drugs!


Can you spell P-R-O-F-I-T-S?

I know you could!


I am gratified that the article mentions some of the side effects of Cholesterol lowering drugs, such as:


1  Diabetes

2  Fatigue

3  Muscle pain


But let's remind them of some side effects they  conveniently forgot..


a  Kidney damage

b  Liver damage

c  Memory  problems

d  Infertility

e  Vision problems


And this for a class of drugs that researches over the years-all over the world-have proved to be dangerous to your health in general


These experts consider Statins, drugs looking for a disease-and they found it in the ultimate boogeyman..



But hey, profits trump people, as they say.

The cholesterol drug hype is a profit driven hoax!

Take a look at this post if you doubt that statement

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Study suggests signs of aging can be detected by age 26

Study suggests signs of aging can be detected by age 26 | non toxic choices |
Aging is typically studied in the elderly, but a study released Monday said different rates of aging can be detected as early as the mid-'20s.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

Maybe you tell yourself:

I don't have to worry about any anti aging protocol because I am young.

Well here is research that says that is a false confidence.

You know what they say:

"We start dying the moment we are born


While that is a depressing thought, you don't have to live an unhealthy life and be susceptible to the complications of aging.


If you implement some very simple lifestyle changes, you'll live healthy, age young and retain your vigor at any age.


It is a known fact that some older folks take a lot of pills.

Most of what these folks take drugs for are not the diseases of aging but the symptoms and complications of:


1   Unhealthy lifestyle choices-smoking, drinking etc

2   Sleep deprivation

3   Obesity

4   Stress

5   Poor nutrition etc


You'll notice that for the most part, these people do NOT really get better, they just get by.


They are on the drug companies' Perpetual Profit Protocol


I don't know about you, but I am not satisfied with just existing


I want to live.


But the good news is that we all can live healthy and retain our youth and senses.

And the best time to start that is at a young age.

If you wait till you are old before embarking on an anti aging regimen, your body might have worn down to an unhealthy, irreversible state


This makes you vulnerable to opportunistic diseases and those diseases normally attributed to aging


Aging can be delayed!

You don't believe me?

Go download this FREE book:

"Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick"


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2000-year-old eco-friendly lantern discovered in China

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