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Scooped by Tunji Akinseloyin
October 28, 2015 4:55 PM!

Heartburn medication linked to chronic kidney disease

Heartburn medication linked to chronic kidney disease | non toxic choices |
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:



Side effects

Drug recall


Whatever happens to natural therapies?

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Scooped by Tunji Akinseloyin
July 2, 2014 3:56 PM!

ANGUISHFalls: The Forgotten Killer of Arthritis Patients

With all the discussion regarding the search for new therapies, one subject that has been neglected is a major cause of death in patients with arthritis.
Tunji Akinseloyin's insight:

It is a sad commentary that the drugs prescribed for an ailment increases the risks of injury or death.

Are we stupid, uncaring or has the need for profits  blinded us to our humanity?


I am always interested to know how humans coped with diseases before the advent of modern medicine.

I would like to know how ancient therapies fare against their modern counterparts.


Modern medicine seems to put its patients in as much danger as the disease.

Don't get me wrong, progress has been made, and when it comes to trauma, modern medicine is superb.

But the side effects of modern drugs are very scary.


 Not only that, in a lot of cases, these drugs do not buy patients any quality time-in fact, they increase their mystery index.


It is my belief that if we devote as much resources into natural therapies, as we now do to drugs,  we can come up with cures that are not as bad as the diseases!





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