Motion graphics are back… and HOT! | NGO, CSR, ADVERTISING |

If you’re a fan of the show Mad Men or have seen the opening, then you’ve seen a motion graphic.

Motion graphics were all the rage in the 1960s (hence the look for the Mad Men series set in the advertising field of the 1960s) and were popular in movies, TV show openings and commercials.

You’ve seen plenty of them, now that you’ve put the graphic with the term. They’re once again on TV, commercials, movies, web sites and any other visual medium.

Is it that they are retro? Do they bring back a feeling of simpler days? Are they just visually pleasing and that’s why they have been discovered again? Some people will say that they never went away and that’s true but they are hot again and a specialized talent is needed to create them.

If you’ve wondered how it’s done and how you can get involved in creating these projects, here are examples and hints from some experts in the field.

Via Panagiotis Kamasia 