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#NewtownPA Walk Resident Comments on Crosswalk Improvement Delay

At the 8 May 2024 Board of Supervisors meeting, Newtown Walk resident Charlie Feuer asked why there is a delay in moving forward on the Newtown-Yardley Rd/Tara Blvd crosswalk improvement plan.

Mr. Feuer noted that improvements were first approved in 2022. The township engineer noted that PennDOT suggested a revised plan that included a "Refuge" island with pedestrian crosswalk buttons rather than an overhead flashing beacon as in the original plan submitted to PennDOT.


Mr. Feuer asked 3 specific questions:

  1. When did the township engineer come to the determination that PennDOT is requiring a refuge Island on this mid-block crosswalk?

  2. When will the second plan with revisions be submitted to PennDOT for approval? Will it include the refuge Island which has become obviously a requirement?

  3. What is the specific timeline of events from today? What is the expected time of approval for that [plan] to get the permit? RVE has already told us that there's 30 days for a development of an estimate or bid process then there's 60 days for the bids to be replied to and then there's another 60-90 days until construction can begin.


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