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Washington Crossing Residents Fight Bridge Replacement 

Washington Crossing residents fight bridge replacement. They say history is on their side...


The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission met Monday and heard from residents near the Washington Crossing bridge, officials announced in February that they were considering replacing due to age, function and condition.


The proposal was immediately met with protest from residents, who live near the site of the historic Revolutionary War crossing and the bridge over the Delaware. On Monday, Washington Crossing residents crammed into the commission meeting, telling officials that replacing the narrow, metal bridge with a bigger span would destroy the bucolic setting of one of America's most historic and sacred historic sites.


"Word on the street — and the word on the street is usually pretty good — it's already approved. It's going to be done," he told the bridge commissioners, citing unnamed "politicians" from New Jersey.


"The reality is this bridge is historic. It's a historic symbol. We need to maintain Washington Crossing for Washington Crossing. Not for transporting cars, all kinds of cars, across a bridge," he said.


Commission Chairman Aladar G. Komjathy, who lives in Lambertville, dismissed the allegation that the bridge replacement is a done deal. From the time of the announcement, the commission has stated it is only in the preliminary stages of evaluating a replacement plan and that it could take years before a decision is made.


johnmacknewtown's insight:


UPDATE (6/25/24): The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission on Monday hired an international engineering firm to conduct a multi-year environmental review to help determine whether the 119-year-old Washington Crossing Toll-Supported Bridge should be replaced.


The review is expected to take an estimated 30 months to carry out, including receipt of a ruling from an applicable federal oversight agency. A 30-month time frame conceivably would take until 2027. But the process could always take longer than that, the commission said.


Source: Newtown Patch


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