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Bucks NAACP Race & Policing in Bucks County Briefing

On 15 February 2024, I attended a Bucks County NAACP "Briefing" on Race & Policing in Bucks County. At the briefing was Karen Downer, President, NAACP Bucks County, Helen Tai, former PA State Representative, and member of the Bucks NAACP Criminal Justice and Education Committee, as well as other dignitaries including perhaps a dozen police officers from neighboring communities.

I audio recorded the 15-minute "Key Findings" session presented by John Blevins who is also a member of the Criminal Justice and Education Committee. To create this video, I selected what I considered the most appropriate graphics and data from the BC NAACP's "2023 Report on Reimagining Public Safety", which you can find here:

Although Mr. Blevins did not include results from any specific police agency, I added some specific data and information from the Report regarding Newtown Township. Specific data are available in the Appendices of the Report, which can be found here:

Following Mr. Blevins presentation, there was a Q&A session, which I also recorded, but not included in this video summary.


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