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#NewtownPA Township LED Streetlight Conversation Plan 

At the 14 February 2024 #NewtownPA Board of Supervisors public meeting, Mike Fuller, President/Founder of Keystone Lighting Solutions, presented the Final Project Overview for replacing all street lights in town with LED lights.


This is an audio recording of the presentation and Q&A session that followed. You can find the presentation here: and detailed project specifications here:


Afterward, the supervisors approved a resolution to move forward with the "Base Upgrade" (manual controls) using a "Hybrid Approach"; i.e., 4000 K pure white lights for major roads and warmer, 3000 K lights for local roads and residential roads.


A total of 1,613 lights will be replaced at an estimated net project cost (including contingency fees and PECO rebates) of $720,373. The annual operating cost savings will be $43,679 and the payback period is estimated to be 16.5 years.


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Newtown News of Interest
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