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Unsafe Conditions Force Closure Of Centre Avenue Pedestrian Crossing In #NewtownPA

Unsafe Conditions Force Closure Of Centre Avenue Pedestrian Crossing In #NewtownPA | Newtown News of Interest |

UPDATE (2/1/24): NewtownPA Now reports that the ridge walkway has been repaired by PennDOT crews. “A more comprehensive repair will be needed as a future PennDOT project,” a PennDOT representative said. The bridge was listed as being in “fair” condition by the state. Records state the span is “functionally obsolete.”


The pedestrian crossing at the Centre Avenue Bridge has been closed [since January 22, 2024] after a hole was discovered in the walkway Monday morning.


A representative from The First National Bank of Newtown contacted the borough Monday morning to report that a foot wide hole had appeared in one of the planks on the bridge. The bank's employees frequently use the walkway to access the bank's Sycamore Street parking lot across from Olde St. Andrews Church.


A subsequent investigation by the borough's public works contractor, Scott Dengler, found that two boards had rotted and broken through, and a half dozen more are saturated and rotting as well. He reported the condition as "unsafe."


As a result of Dengler's inspection, the borough closed the walkway Monday morning and placed barricades and cones at both ends of the span to prevent pedestrian access.


The walkway, which is owned and maintained by PennDOT, will be closed indefinitely until the deterioration can be fixed.



johnmacknewtown's insight:


Problems for pedestrians crossing Newtown Creek using the current Newtown Creek bridge crossings - at Centre Ave and at Jefferson St - have been noted by proponents of the two proposed NEW pedestrian bridges: one at Frost Lane and the Steeple View bridge. Neither of these, however, would be available in the near future. It is imperative, therefore, the Centre Ave pedestrian walkway be fixed ASAP.


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