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Peaceful Rally For A Free Palestine and Pro-Israel Counter Protest in #NewtownPA

Peaceful Rally For A Free Palestine and Pro-Israel Counter Protest in #NewtownPA | Newtown News of Interest |

UPDATED 1/17/24 (read more...); The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) [brought] the fight for a free Palestine to the suburbs with a "Flood Newtown For Palestine Rally" on Wednesday, January 17, 2024..


The pro-Palestinian group, numbering about 50, gathered in the parking lot at the Newtown Shopping Center where they rallied and gave a few speeches before taking to the streets of Newtown.


In an email, the security director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia gave local synagogues and Jewish organizations a heads-up that the rally would be taking place. "I don't expect any issues, but I wanted to alert you to the fact," the director wrote in an email.


As the pro-Palestine group marched down Durham Road toward Sycamore Street chanting "Free, Free Palestine," they were met by more than 100 members of the Bucks County Jewish community marching and waving Jewish and American flags and shouting, "Bring them home," a reference to the hostages taken by the Islamic militant group Hamas during an attack on Israel on Oct. 7.



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The Newtown Township Police Department would like to commend the community for their cooperation and commitment to maintaining peace during the recent war protest that took place on January 17th, 2024. The Newtown Township Police Department in collaboration with local organizers, worked diligently to ensure a safe and peaceful demonstration. The protest and march, which was organized privately by a local resident and shared via social media, aimed to raise awareness and express community concerns regarding the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The police department, after receiving notification through other means, deployed a comprehensive strategy to identify the organizer and facilitate a peaceful gathering, ensuring the protection of First Amendment rights while maintaining public safety in Newtown. 

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