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Listen to Closing Arguments at the Borscht Belt Deli #NewtownPA ZHB Neon Sign Hearing

“The sign is what it is,” said Township Solicitor Dave Sander in his closing arguments before the Newtown Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) on 4 January 2024.. “It is a neon sign that’s hanging in the front window and it violates the zoning ordinance. There’s no question about that. The issue that there are other (neon) signs (at other businesses in the township) is not at issue here.


“It’s an either-or scenario," argued Alan Nochumson. "Either you prohibit every single neon sign or you allow every single neon sign in the township. You cannot condone this activity that has been perpetrated by this zoning officer who has turned a blind eye to other people because of the content of the speech.”


The ZHB put off making a decision until its 1 February 2024 hearing. 


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Newtown News of Interest
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