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US Congress to Consider "Break Free from Plastic" Pollution Act: Can #NewtownPA Wait For Its Enactment Before Passing Its Own Single-Use Plastics Ban?

US Congress to Consider "Break Free from Plastic" Pollution Act: Can #NewtownPA Wait For Its Enactment Before Passing Its Own Single-Use Plastics Ban? | Newtown News of Interest |

Oregon’s U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley has teamed up with California Rep. Jared Huffman to introduce the bicameral Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.


The legislation is described as the most comprehensive plan ever introduced in Congress to address the plastic pollution crisis that is poisoning our air, water, and land, and disproportionately impacting communities of color and low-income Americans.


The bill would shift the burden of cleanup and waste management to where it belongs — on the corporations that produce this waste — by:


  • Requiring big corporations to take responsibility for their pollution.


  • Establishing aggressive source reduction targets for single-use plastic products and beverage containers.


  • Creating a nationwide beverage container refund program, which has been successful in 10 states.


  • Reducing and banning certain single-use plastic products that are not recyclable.


“We’re at a crisis point with plastic pollution and we need action. Plastic pollution harms our oceans, climate, communities, and wildlife," Oceana Campaign Director Christy Leavitt said. "The solution is to stop plastic pollution at the source by reducing the production and use of unnecessary single-use plastic and move to refillable and reusable systems. The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act does just that. We applaud Senator Merkley, Congressman Huffman, and their colleagues for introducing this important bill. Cities and states have been leading the way on plastic reduction policies, and it’s time for federal action so we can turn the tide on plastic pollution before it’s too late."

johnmacknewtown's insight:


Why Not Ban Single-Use Plastics at the State/Federal Level?


At the April 3, 2023, EAC meeting, Maryann Verdan, McCaffrey's Markets VP of Operations, suggested that Newtown Township wait for legislation at the state level before enacting its own version of a single-use plastics ban. She suggested the passage of such legislation might happen by the end of the year.


Ms. Verdan suggested that by enacting a single-use plastics ban in Newtown McCaffrey's would be at a "competitive disadvantage" to stores like Giant in Middletown, which does not have such a ban.


Listen to Ms. Verdan’s comments… 


Other commenters suggested that action be taken at the federal level.


Faran Savitz, Zero Waste Advocate, Penn Environment, explained that without action by many local governments it is very unlikely that the state or federal governments will act quickly. It's all about politics and the influence of the fossil fuels industry.


Listen to Mr. Savitz’s comments… 

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