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Mack's Summary of 11 October 2023 #NewtownPA BOS Meeting: It's All About the 2024 Budget

Mack's Summary of 11 October 2023 #NewtownPA BOS Meeting: It's All About the 2024 Budget | Newtown News of Interest |

Summary of 11 October 2023 BOS Meeting: 2024 DRAFT budget presentation

Proposed 2024 Budget Highlights

* Tax Millage Rate
* 2024 Road Program
* Fire Protection
* Debt Service – LED Street Lights, Pedestrian Crossings
* Calabro Speaks to Need for Future Tax Increases


johnmacknewtown's insight:


There's a lot of pressure on Supervisors to keep #NewtownPA taxes low. Even with a 3 mil increase as proposed by this budget, our municipal tax millage rate is still lower than most neighboring towns and boroughs.


The new taxes are to cover fire services and for a loan to upgrade street lights to LEDs and for a pedestrian safety project on Newtown-Yardley Rd.


Of course, there will be pressure to lower the increase in propose taxes and my fear is that the debt service tax will be top of the list to eliminate. This, in my opinion, would be a mistake. Brighter LED lights not only save money, they can be adjusted to be brighter, which is a crime deterrent where needed. And the pedestrian safety initiative can save lives.

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