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Summary of the August 3, 2023, #NewtownPA Area Joint Zoning Council Meeting

Summary of the August 3, 2023, #NewtownPA Area Joint Zoning Council Meeting | Newtown News of Interest |

This is my personal summary of the meeting.



Solicitor’s Report (Schenkman) – Pending Ordinances requiring action

            Billboards Allowed Only in Newtown?

  • JMZO 2020-03 – Riding Academy Revisions (UMT Proposal). Advertised for Adoption
  • JMZO-2022-01 - Wireless Communications. Draft from Cohen Law Group Received. Review of Ordinance & Technical Manual
  • Modify Jointure Agreement to codify current Practice of JPC & JZC. Current agreement redlined. JS sent to Township BOS for review.
  • JMZO 2022-02 – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – NT proposal. Redraft (JS/KM) and send to PCs for review.
  • JMZO 2022-04 – Expansion of Nonconforming Structures – Height – (WT Proposal). Approved WT BOS.

Planner’s Report (Wolff, Stoff)

  • Comprehensive Plan: Draft Plan being reviewed by PC’s/BOS. Draft approved with minor revisions WT BOS & NT BOS. Waiting for comment UMT BOS.

Video of Zoom Meeting

Transcript of Meeting Prepared By Youtube


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