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#NewtownPA Traffic/Pedestrian Crossing Signals "Fried" By PECO

#NewtownPA Traffic/Pedestrian Crossing Signals "Fried" By PECO | Newtown News of Interest |

On or about July 11, 2023, PECO "fried" the traffic signal box at Buck Rd/Mill Pond Dr intersection (site of infamous U-turn approved by PennDOT as part of the Arcadia/Mayfield development plan). Temporary stop signs were placed at the intersection until repairs can be made.

Meanwhile, on July 17, 2023, a Crowne Point resident emailed me about another problem: crosswalk pedestrian signal option.


“It is imperative that the pedestrian has the right to access the pedestrian button option without risking their life trying to cross to the other side, because someone decided to remove the light button option used by residents of Crown Pointe/ Newtown!”


The #NewtownPA Township Manager replied, informing the resident of the PECO incident, but could not offer any timeline for repairs. Meanwhile, the resident had a good idea. Read more...


johnmacknewtown's insight:


UPDATE (8/23/2023): The August 8, 2023, Bills List shows a payment of $83,686.67 to ARMOUR & SONS ELECTRIC INC. for “REPAIR TRAFFIC SIGNAL/DVHIT CLAIM.” I’m certain this refers to the repair of the “fried” traffic signal box incident described below. “DVHIT” is Delaware Valley Trusts, which is the township’s insurance company. The Township Manager told supervisors that “an insurance claim will be filed for the damages” and “We will seek reimbursement from PECO as well.”


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