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Senate Passes Farry’s Commuter Tax Fairness Act to Keep Tax Dollars Local

Senate Passes Farry’s Commuter Tax Fairness Act to Keep Tax Dollars Local | Newtown News of Interest |

To return tax dollars locally and to prevent further property tax increases, the Senate passed Sen. Frank Farry’s (R-6) Commuter Tax Fairness Act today to make Philadelphia’s City Wage Tax more equitable for non-residents.

Currently, the city wage tax of 3.44% is imposed on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation paid to employees working for a Philadelphia employer. Non-residents – even those who work remotely and never set in the city – are forced to pay the full Philadelphia City Wage Tax if their employer is based in the city.

“Because residents who live in surrounding municipalities but work in Philadelphia pay all of their local income tax to the city rather a portion to their home municipality, the tax burden is greater for non-Philadelphia workers of those municipalities,” Farry said. “My bill would keep a fair share of tax dollars local. Your local tax dollars should be used to help your community.”

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Now on to the PA House! Representative Brian Munroe, serving Bucks County District 144, is asking other State Reps to consider joining him "in sponsoring this important piece of legislation to ensure that all Pennsylvanians are reaping the benefits of their hard work in the communities in which they live.”


Please reach out to your State House Reps to heed Representative Brian Munroe’s call. 


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