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Bucks County Tax Collection Committee Urges Passage of Resolution to Amend Sterling Act, Which Causes The Loss of EIT to Townships

UPDATE (May 24, 2023): BOS approved a Resolution supporting repeal of the Sterling Act.


UPDATE (May 5, 2023): “Senate Passes Farry’s Commuter Tax Fairness Act to Keep Tax Dollars Local”;


At the April 27, 2023, Bucks County Tax Collection Committee meeting, the discussion focused on the Sterling Act and passing a resolution to formally request the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Senators and Representatives of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania to amend the Sterling Act and require that an amount of up to one (1%) percent of the non-resident Philadelphia Wages of non-residents of Philadelphia be remitted to the municipality in which the taxpayer resides.

The Sterling Act does not require Philadelphia to remit any portion of its Earned Income Tax revenue to the municipality in which the non-resident taxpayer resides, even though the non-resident’s home municipality has enacted its own Earned Income Tax.

As of 2021 data, there are 763 Newtown Twp residents who pay in excess of 3.4% Wage Tax to Philadelphia. This represents a loss of over $360,000 per year in EIT that the Township would have collected from these residents.


johnmacknewtown's insight:


As a Newtown Twp resident who pays taxes, you should support this effort because it may mean less taxes YOU have to pay to cover township expenses.


Further action you as a citizen can take include:

Contact State Senator Frank Farry who has advanced SB 671 that seeks to amend the Sterling Act as noted above. This bill passed out of the Finance Committee and is scheduled for the Appropriations Committee as early as May 3, 2023.  

Senator Steve Santarsiero is on the Appropriations Committee.  He must be reminded how important this is to all our Bucks County residents.  Please contact his office ASAP: 215-497-9490.  You can also email Senator Santarsiero:
Also reach out to Senator Jarrett Coleman.  Email Senator Coleman at or call one of his offices: 717-787-1349 or 484-861-4964.


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