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24 April 2023 Meet Mack Monday Zoom Meeting Summary

24 April 2023 Meet Mack Monday Zoom Meeting Summary | Newtown News of Interest |

This Zoom meeting focused on the following topics:


  • Single-Use Plastics Ban: What McCaffrey’s Market VP of Operations had to say about it at the April 3, 2023 EAC meeting. 
  • “Mixed Use” Apartments Suggested for Business Commons: Draft specifications presented to Newtown Planning Commission. 
  • New PFAS Limits Proposed for Drinking Water: EPA is proposing drastically lower safe limits. How do these limits compare with measured amounts in our water? 
  • Deluca Seeks Variance to Build Homes in CM District: The applicants are seeking to subdivide a 3.08 acre parcel into two lots for single family homes whereas the CM Districts permits only one home on 3 acres.
  • Lower Dolington Road Trail Fiasco: Residents are disappointed in the progress or lack thereof.
  • LED Streetlights Feasibility Study
  • Tractor Trailer Trucks Parked on Lower Dolington Road: An Eyesore & Hazard – What Can Be Down About It? More importantly, what can be done to improve pedestrian safety?
  • Blue Point Grill Patio Expansion Request
  • Detailed Meeting Notes


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