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#NewtownPA Township Will Reapply For Federal SAFER Grant To Fund New Firefighters. Will 4th Time Be The Charm?

#NewtownPA Township Will Reapply For Federal SAFER Grant To Fund New Firefighters. Will 4th Time Be The Charm? | Newtown News of Interest |

At its Feb. 22 meeting, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to direct fire chief Glenn Forsyth to resubmit its SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) grant application for consideration.


If successful, the grant, totaling over $1 million, would fund the salaries and benefits of four additional full-time career firefighters for three years.


Since its last application, [BOS Chair Dennis] Fisher said changes have been made by the township for the good that further demonstrates the township's long term commitment to building a career fire service. “We hired a deputy assistant fire chief. We have a new agreement with Newtown Borough to help pay for emergency services.”


Supervisor John Mack asked Fire Chief Glenn Forsyth whether he felt that would be enough to demonstrate to FEMA the township's commitment to maintaining the additional career firefighters once the grant runs its course.


"With the additional millage - that's an additional $325,000 - and the additional money from the borough - that's $156,000 - that's almost a half a million dollar increase," said Forsyth. "For a $50 application fee, I think we should try it and see what the outcome is."


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Earlier that night a new Deputy Fire Chief was sworn in. Read “Newtown Native Sworn In As #NewtownPA Township's First Deputy Fire Chief”;


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