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#NewtownPA Plans 2023 Road Repaving Program - Is It Enough?

#NewtownPA Plans 2023 Road Repaving Program - Is It Enough? | Newtown News of Interest |

[image shows a section of the 2023 Road Paving program Map.]


The township will advertise a base bid listing parts of six roads totaling 2.32 miles, and alternate bids listing parts of 11 roads totaling 2.18 miles. The base bid is budgeted at $703,514 and the alternate bids at $638,994, though true costs won’t be known until bids come back.

Township Engineer Leanna Colubriale said the tentative schedule is to advertise for bids the week of February 13, open bids March 14, and award a bid on March 22.

Supervisor John Mack remarked on the rising cost of repaving roads, noting that this year’s program will cost somewhere around $300,000 a mile.




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More details can be found here: February 20, 2023 Meet Mack Monday Zoom meeting 


3/3/2023 UPDATE:

2023 Liquid Fuels Distributions List Released 

The state Department of Transportation has released the 2023 municipal liquid fuels allocations report, which is available here. This year’s total allocation is $470.2 million, up 3.1% from the 2022 distribution of $455.885 million.


Newtown Twp will receive $575,798.55. Note that $530,000 was the estimated amount when bidding was made. Thus, the township will have $45,799 more to work with.

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