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Doylestown Borough Passes Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

Doylestown Borough Passes Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags | Newtown News of Interest |

Doylestown Borough Council voted to pass a ban on disposable plastic bags at its final meeting of the year last week.


The ban has a six-month grace period to give businesses and shoppers time to change their habits. The rule says that in six months, or late June, borough business will no longer be able to offer shoppers a reusable plastic bag.


Businesses will be able, however, to offer two other types of bags: paper bags that contain at least 40% recycled content and reusable bags.



johnmacknewtown's insight:


Elaine McCarron, member of the Newtown Environmental Advisory Council, noted "It only includes single -use plastic bags, 2 six month extensions for existing inventory, no [paper] bag fee because the businesses objected to it."


The purposes of this Ordinance include:

  • To reduce the use of single-use plastic bags by retail establishments within the Borough.
  • To curb litter on the streets, in the parks, and in the trees; to protect the local streams, rivers, waterways and other aquatic environments; to reduce solid waste generation; to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; to promote the use of reusable, compostable, and recyclable materials within the Borough; and to preserve the natural, scenic, historic, and esthetic character of the Borough.


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