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#NewtownPA Township Elects Board Leaders; Looks Ahead To 2023

#NewtownPA Township Elects Board Leaders; Looks Ahead To 2023 | Newtown News of Interest |

The board of supervisors on Tuesday welcomed the New Year by re-electing Supervisor Dennis Fisher as chairman, Supervisor John Mack as vice chairman and Supervisor Elen Snyder as assistant secretary and treasurer.

During its annual reorganization meeting, the five member board voted unanimously to continue with the same leadership team that led them through 2022.

According to Fisher, some of the chief challenges ahead in 2023 will be resolving the legal actions surrounding the Wawa development project on Silver Lake Road; maneuvering through the year on a very tight budget; completing and adopting the township’s comprehensive plan; designating
additional ARPA funds; and acting on a proposal to build a new pedestrian bridge over the Newtown Creek.




johnmacknewtown's insight:


Here’s What I Am Looking Ahead To In 2023:


  • Declaring the old farmhouse on Toll Bros property an Historic Site. Read “A ‘Major’ Historic Resource Re-Discovered!”;
  • Passing an Ordinance banning single-use plastics by businesses in Newtown. Read “#NewtownPA Businesses: Are You Ready to Finally Give Up Single Use Plastics?”;
  • Getting the speed limit reduced to 25 MPH on Newtown-Yardley Rd AND N Sycamore St. Read “#NewtownPA Township Pursuing Safety Measures For Newtown-Yardley Rd Mid-Block Crossing”; and “Sycamore Street Is Popular, But Is It Safe?”;
  • Preventing overdevelopment, especially along the Newtown Bypass. Read “Kushner Real Estate Lawyer Wants to Amend JMZO to Allow "Apartment Complex" Use in the OR District”;
  • Finally getting adequate weekend fire protection by hiring more full-time paid firefighters. Read “#NewtownPA Fire Association's Retention & Recruitment Challenges”;
  • Much more TBD!


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