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How I Spent My Time as #NewtownPA Supervisor in 2022

How I Spent My Time as #NewtownPA Supervisor in 2022 | Newtown News of Interest |

I keep track of my activities as a Supervisor partly because I want to be accountable to residents, but also to make sure I am making the best use of my time. It's really an honor to serve the community! I learn something new every day and have met many fine people and volunteers who also put in a lot of time without any compensation at all.

In 2022, I spent a total of 527 hours (an average of 44 hours per month) engaged in official Supervisor activities that included preparing for and attending meetings and interacting with residents. This compares to 481 hours (an average of 40 hours per month) on such activities in 2021.




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What This Report Does Not Include

My log of Supervisor-related activities does not include the many hours I spend posting to this blog, maintaining my personal website, writing a newsletter, creating and posting video clips from meetings, hosting podcast interviews, summarizing decisions made by the Board of Supervisors (BOS Definition), etc. Also not included is the time I spend posting to my personal Facebook pageTwitter account, and Instagram account. These activities are NOT part of my official duties as Supervisor, but represent my personal views.

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