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#NewtownPA Planning Commission Reviews Draft Comprehensive Plan

#NewtownPA Planning Commission Reviews Draft Comprehensive Plan | Newtown News of Interest |

At its November 1, 2022, public meeting, the Newtown Township Planning Commission (NTPC) members reviewed the proposed Strategies & Actions of Principles 1 through 8 of the 2022 Draft of the Newtown Area Comprehensive Plan (CompPlan), which was prepared by the Bucks County Planning Commission (BCPC).

Each Commission member was assigned to focus on one Guiding Principle. Learn more about the Plan and its Guiding Principles.


  • Principle 1: Promote Smart Growth (covered at the last PC meeting)
  • Principle 2: Promote Sustainable Development and Protect Natural Resources – Terry Christensen
  • Principle 3. Provide Mobility and Connections   - Shelley Howland
  • Principle 4. Preserve Open Space and Promote Agriculture – Peg Driscoll
  • Principle 5. Build and Maintain Livable Communities - Warren Dallas
  • Principle 6. Provide Parks and Recreation – Mary Donaldson
  • Principle 7. Sustain and Support our Commercial and Jobs Base – Joel Raab
  • Principle 8. Protect Historic Resources – Craig Deutsch
  • Principle 9.      Preserve our Villages – Not applicable to Newtown

This is my personal summary of the discussions at this meeting. The NTPC will create an official summary and continue its discussion of the CompPlan at its next meeting scheduled for November 15, 2022.




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See the Minutes of this meeting for more details. Also access the NTPC CompPlan Review Folder for more comments from individual NTPC members on various Principles.

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