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#NewtownPA Walk Residents Ask for Additional Pedestrian Safety Measures

At the October 26 , 2022, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, Valerie Mihalek, Greg Zukowsky, and other residents of Newtown Walk - including children - asked that the BOS add to a future agenda their request for additional pedestrian safety measures on Newtown-Yardley Rd and Tara Blvd.

For background:

They pointed out the problems with the pedestrian safety measures that the township has already implemented and asked for flashing beacons that are more visible to drivers and lowering the speed limit to 25 MPH.

The BOS agreed to their request.


UPDATE (November 9, 2022): 

RVE (township engineering firm) is currently reviewing available incident data from the Township Police Department and is reviewing options of reducing the speed limit and adding additional pedestrian flashing crosswalk devices. RVE will be analyzing crash history, taking speed measurements, and other metrics that it will have to provide to PennDOT in order to meet the requests of residents. NOTE: There is precedent for residents to dialog directly with PennDOT regarding their concerns. See this 2018 video: “PennDOT Responds to Residents' Complaints About Swamp Road”; LIKNK:


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