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Newtown Ambulance Squad Requests Referendum to Increase Dedicated Tax By 0.5 Mil or $1.81 Per Month For Average Homeowner

At the July 13, 2022, Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting, Newtown Ambulance Squad (NAS) Chief Evan Resnikoff requested that the BOS authorize the Solicitor to place a referendum on the November ballot to include increased millage allowance in excess of the 0.5 Mill cap permitted by the Second Class Township Code for the ambulance squad.

Mr. Resnikoff supplied some financial information and estimated that a 0.5 Mill increase - bringing the total to 1.0 Mill - will cost the average Newtown homeowner $1.81 per month ($21.80 per year).

Newtown Township (NTT) currently provides $171,000 (about $8.75 per resident) in annual funding to the NAS, whereas Newtown Borough only contributes $10,000 (about $4.45 per resident) annually.


My comment was that the Borough should pay more, especially if the new figure per NTT resident = 2 X $8.75 = $17.50! I’ve heard that the Borough may be balking at paying more, which means that NTT residents would be paying nearly 3X more than Borough residents on a per resident basis if the referendum passes!


Regardless of this, the BOS unanimously approved the authorization for the Solicitor to proceed with placing this referendum on the November ballot.


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Newtown News of Interest
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