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Provco/Wawa Submits Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) to PennDOT Before #NewtownPA BOS Approves Its Land Development Plan!

Provco/Wawa Submits Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) to PennDOT Before #NewtownPA BOS Approves Its Land Development Plan! | Newtown News of Interest |

The letter to PennDOT outlines the projected changes:


“As part of this application, lane widening proposed along the Township maintained roadway will encroach slightly into the State Right-of-Way. Additionally, ADA facilities are proposed along the southern leg of the signalized intersection which are partially located in the State Road Right-of-Way. All other improvements (lane widening, accesses, etc.) are proposed only along the Township Road.”


This design is based on a traffic study and an HOP plan to redevelop the southwest corner of the intersection of Newtown Bypass (SR 0332) & Newtown-Yardley Road/Lower Silver Lake Road with a 5,585 s.f. WAWA Convenience Market with 12 fueling positions. Revisions to the existing traffic signal permit plans are summarized below:


Newtown Bypass (SR 0332) & Newtown-Yardley Road/Lower Silver Lake Road – File #2535

  1. Widen east leg.
  2. Add westbound right turn lane.
  3. Add east leg pedestrian crossing.
  4. Revise westbound signal heads.
  5. Add westbound right turn overlap phase.
  6. Upgrade signal heads #1 and #4 to red arrow.
  7. Revise clearance times.


Newtown Bypass Corridor – File #I-0047/I-0048

  1. Retime backup timings for Int. #8.


Find all the submitted documents here:


johnmacknewtown's insight:


I asked Township officials the following questions:


  1. How is it that Provco/Wawa can file this application before the plan is approved by the BOS?
  2. The township was asked to to "complete and execute the attached Application for Traffic Signal Approval (PennDOT Form TE-160)..."  Is this something that the BOS should approve?
  3. Remind me of the HOP process and if and how BOS members, residents can have a say in the application. Is there a public meeting? I recall that with Arcadia we somehow managed to have a Zoom meeting with PennDOT - not sure it was specific to the HOP application or not.


Regarding Q#2, the Township Engineer said via email:  "The TE-160 is the form that ties the Township to maintain the traffic signal as noted in the PennDOT permit for the signal. This is a standard procedure for most signals.


"In this case, however, there would be no reason for the Township to sign the TE-160 until after the application has received BOS approval (if it receives approval). We will advise PennDOT and the applicant that the project has yet to go before the Board and the TE-160 can not be signed at this time."


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