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Lower Dolington Road Trail Further Delayed: "A Lot of Feet Need to Be Held to the Fire!"

Lower Dolington Road Trail Further Delayed: "A Lot of Feet Need to Be Held to the Fire!" | Newtown News of Interest |

[Image: These photos were taken on July 13, 2022. They show how the construction materials obstruct access to Raintree/Windemere landscaping. 1 – Netting wraps around bush that is clearly on private property; 2 – Overgrown grass (access denied!); 3 – Netting obviously prevents access to plantings.]


At the July 13, 2022, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, Supervisor Mack asked the township engineer to explain the delays in the construction of the Lower Dolington Road Trail (LDRT).


Mack noted that even further delays are ahead as the “utility conflict” is resolved. That is, underground cables must be relocated before construction of the trail can begin again. 

More that that, Mr. Mack also voiced his and residents' concerns about "abandoned" construction barriers at the intersection of LDR and Stanford Place/Road (see "Lower Dolington Road Trail Construction Barricades Are a Pedestrian Safety Concern!"; and "Lower Dolington Road Trail Trash Tour").

When the topic of accountability came up, Mr. Mack said "Six feet needed to be held to the fire. The construction company, Lumens (company responsible for moving the underground cable), and Newtown Artesian Water Company," which provided incorrect information that adversely impacted the project.


View the 11-minute video:


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