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Residents Concerned About Health Issues Caused By 5G Wireless Technology

Residents Concerned About Health Issues Caused By 5G Wireless Technology | Newtown News of Interest |

Residents claim that the Wireless Facility Ordinance proposed by the Newtown Area Jointure does not protect the health & safety of residents.


Township leaders in Wrightstown, Upper Makefield and Newtown townships [Jointure] are considering a Wireless Facility Ordinance [LINK:]. Small wireless facilities consist of a cell tower antenna typically attached to a pole on or near homes, schools, workplaces, and places of worship. The Jointure ordinance focuses on the location, maintenance and appearance of small wireless 5G antennas.


Wrightstown Supervisor Chairman Chester Pogonowski said that a goal of the ordinance is to prevent an “eyesore” [LINK:]. Many residents and experts, however, feel that 5G wireless antennas pose a health risk, which the ordinance fails to adequately address. According to Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology, this risk is something that governmental entities and medical advocacy groups have begun to recognize in public meetings and published reports.


Many local Newtown area residents made public comments regarding safety of 5G antennas before the Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) on 27 April 2022 (see video embedded below) and before the Newtown Planning Commission (NTPC) on 3 May 2022.


The following is a summary these comments plus information pertaining to the legal issues and related ordinances. Read More...


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