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#NewtownPA Planning Commission Approves Wireless 5G Antenna Ordinance Amendment

#NewtownPA Planning Commission Approves Wireless 5G Antenna Ordinance Amendment | Newtown News of Interest |

.Newtown, Wrightstown & Upper Makefield (the "Jointure") are working on amending the existing wireless communication section of the Joint Municipal Zoning Ordinance (JMZO), to include measures to ensure wireless infrastructure doesn’t become what Wrightstown Supervisor Chairman Chester Pogonowski has described as an “eyesore.” 


Is it really necessary to allow these antennas in the first place?  Paul McGavin,Founder, S4WT: Scientists for Wired Tech, doesn't think so. "This whole thing about oh we're going to get sued by the wireless industry is a boogeyman," says McGavin.


Several residents attending the PC meeting believe the powerful 5g radiation from these wireless antennas cause serious medical problems. "I know that if a small cell went outside of my house I would have to move," said Mr. McGavin who is prone to an "environmentally induced illness" from these devices. "There's just way too much microwave radiation that comes out of these things," said Mr. McGavin. 


Nevertheless, at a May 3, 2022, public meeting, the Newtown Township Planning Commission voted 6-1 to recommend that the Board of Supervisors (BOS) approve the ordinance as written BUT also to send to the supervisors a list of questions and suggested revisions to the ordinance prepared by Michele Fountain - the Township Planner.



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