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Dems vs. Bucks Party Chairman Cordisco & NAC Puts “Stand With Ukraine” in the Background

Dems vs. Bucks Party Chairman Cordisco & NAC Puts “Stand With Ukraine” in the Background | Newtown News of Interest |

[Source: April 13, 2022 issue of the Bucks County Courier Times.]


It would have been one of the most unusual events in Bucks County's political history: Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and Democratic Party Chairman John Cordisco appearing together April 29 to raise funds for Ukraine at the Newtown Athletic Club.


But while he said he would have been "delighted" to attend, Cordisco got verbal lashings on Twitter from fellow Democrats over the bipartisan gesture a few weeks before the election.


On Monday, he sent an email stating that "after much deliberation, I have decided that I will not be attending the Stand with Ukraine fundraiser hosted by the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee on behalf of the Bucks County Democratic Committee. Instead, I will be working with the committee in the coming weeks on another charity event at a separate location."


"Having the Bucks Dems Chairman John Cordisco participating in an event with Fitzpatrick at the Jim Worthington owned NAC when Worthington is suing the Democratic candidate against Fitzpatrick is completely unacceptable," the Northern Bucks Democrats tweeted Sunday.


NAC owner Worthington is suing Democratic Congressional Candidate Ashley Ehasz for defamation over statements she made regarding his involvement in the Jan. 6 rally at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.


While Newtown Township Democratic Supervisor Elen Snyder called it "outrageous" on Twitter that Cordisco would appear with Fitzpatrick at the Ukraine fundraising event, Worthington said both Fitzpatrick and Cordisco are longtime friends of his.


I'm deeply disappointed at his decision to put partisan politics above what's best for the people of Ukraine. I will focus on making this event a success and on helping the men, women and children of Ukraine," Worthington said.


"In times of war, it is critical that we come together, regardless of party affiliation to support Ukraine in their dire time of need, Cordisco said.




johnmacknewtown's insight:


Meanwhile, from Ashley Ehasz’s Facebook page:  


"As a combat veteran and an American, I want to make sure we as a nation are doing everything in our power to help the people of Ukraine during this crisis. This is not a partisan issue and cannot become one. This is a moral issue. Bringing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine will require every last bit of our collective effort and I commend any American who is willing to step up to the plate...I believe the mission of supporting the Ukrainian people must transcend politics."


I hope that Democrats, Republicans, & Independents attend the Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at 7 PM when the Board will vote on divesting Newtown pension funds of Russian stock. Although it won't raise a penny for Ukraine, as one resident told me: “It’s about sending a loud clear message to Putin from places large + small all over the world: we do not choose to do business with a war criminal or in any way enable him to continue his cruel actions.” One small step for Ukraine, one giant leap for Newtown!
You can read more about this on the Newtown Patch: "Why Newtown Should Dump Russian Stock"
The meeting starts at 7 PM live in the public meeting room at 100 Municipal Drive. In addition, for the first time the meeting will be live streamed via Youtube: 
Public comment will be taken via e-mail during the course of the meeting. All public comment must contain the commenter’s name and confirmation that the commenter is a Township resident or taxpayer, and should be as succinct as possible. Emailed comments will be read aloud. Comments may be addressed to:
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