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COVID-19 Dashboard Gone From Council Rock School District Website After "Disappointing" Vote

COVID-19 Dashboard Gone From Council Rock School District Website After "Disappointing" Vote | Newtown News of Interest |

[Chart shows data from the site for CR High School North and South through the week of January 24, 2022.]


The dashboard reporting positive COVID-19 cases in Council Rock students and staff has vanished from the district website, following a motion and vote by the school board during Thursday's meeting.


The change came after the board voted 6-3 to both remove the dashboard and the section of the plan with guidance for mask-wearing in those who'd had close contact with a COVID-positive person, or had a recent positive case of COVID-19.


Thorwart moved to do away with the district's public dashboard of COVID-19 cases, saying its data was "functionally meaningless."


Board members Yota Palli and Edward Tate seemed taken aback by the motion, which they'd had no prior chance to review and which had not been included on the agenda. Solicitor Robert Cox indicated, though, that voting on the matter would still be legal since the health and safety plan was up for review, and "whether it's a good idea [to vote] is the board's business."


Tate said he was "disappointed" in the process of introducing this motion; Palli agreed, saying, "I am also surprised that this is happening right now."


In discussion, board member Mariann McKee expressed strong disapproval.


"I disagree with striking this language," she said, adding, "For those individuals living with a household member and being exposed to someone in their household with COVID [to then attend] school without even a mask, to me endangers more lives."


Board members in favor of the motion felt that the dashboard has the capacity for error and promotes fear.

johnmacknewtown's insight:

Seems that Dr. Fraser saw the writing on the wall (or the data on the net)...


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