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Pedestrian Struck and Killed on North Sycamore Street in Newtown Township While Catching an Uber

Pedestrian Struck and Killed on North Sycamore Street in Newtown Township While Catching an Uber | Newtown News of Interest |

Newtown Township Police are investigating a fatal auto/pedestrian crash, which occurred in the 200 block of N. Sycamore Street.


The crash occurred on December 22 at approximately 11:04 p.m. when a man was struck while attempting to cross North Sycamore Street to catch an Uber with friends. The Uber had arrived on the northbound side of N. Sycamore Street.


The striking vehicle was also traveling northbound on N. Sycamore Street when the impact occurred. The vehicle and operator remained on the scene, police said.


North Sycamore Street was closed for several hours in both directions from Silo Drive to Durham Road.


“It comes down to educating the public. The public needs to know that they can’t cross outside of a crosswalk,” said [Newtown Township Police Chief] Hearn. “Inside a crosswalk the cars are supposed to yield to them. Additional signage with lighting elements, that runs into an additional cost factor and involves ongoing maintenance and a liability factor if a bulb burns out and it’s not replaced in a timely manner. It’s a managed approach, but I believe education is the best way to go at this point.”



PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to let the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors know that you believe it's time for the township to step up its efforts to improve pedestrian safety along this stretch of road.

johnmacknewtown's insight:

I disagree with the Chief regarding his opinion of adding pedestrian crossing lights - such as blinking warning yellow lights. Yes, this would be a township expense and require maintenance, but isn't the health and safety of residents of paramount importance?


Recent Significant Pedestrian Incidents:

  • 12-22-21 11:04pm 200 Block N. Sycamore Street Auto/Ped (In Crosswalk) -Fatal.
  • 12-16-21 Durham & Sycamore Street Auto/Ped (In Crosswalk) -minor injuries.
  • 10-22-21 Sycamore & Jefferson, Auto/Ped (Mid-block) – critical injuries
  • 09-21-20 Sycamore & Jefferson, Auto/Ped (In Crosswalk) – minor injuries
  • 05-04-19 Sycamore & Jefferson, Auto/Ped (Mid-block) - Fatal


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